CIOR YLED05-L.Pink-40

April 2017 Jack User Reviews

Total Score: 8.3

Quality Score: 9

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 8

Price at the time of review was $39.89. The CIOR YLED05-L. Pink-40 got near-the-top rating.

Top quality product. Users really loved it. Not a bad value for the price. Notes: CIOR is a brand specializing in led shoes.

Their led shoes are equipped with high level packaging, shoes instructions as well as free charging cable. Besides, remarkable after-sales service presents their shoes more assurance. On the contrary, buying led shoes with other brands can meet poor packing, old and bad quality light system and maybe they are the inventory of last year.   this will make your shoes worn or cannot be charged.

Cior led sneakers are suitable for performances, cosplay, night outs as well as daily use. The led lights throughout the sole of these fashion sneakers make you more attractive. When the button is switched on, the led lights are turned on and give colorful bright lights. The led light can be recharged through the usb sort.

With 2-3 hour's charging, it can last for 8-10 hours. Size chart: 4. 5 b m us women / three d m us men = foot length / 8. 7-8.

8in 5. 5 b m us women / four d m us men = foot length / 8. 9-9. 0in 6. 5 b m us women / 4. 5 d m us men = foot length / 9. 1-9. 2in 7. 5 b m us women / five d m us men = foot length / 9. 3-9. 4in 8. 5 b m us women / six d m us men = foot length / 9. 5-9. 6in 9. 5 b m us women / 6. 5 d m us men = foot length / 9. 7-9. 8in 10. 5 b m us women / 7. 5 d m us men = foot length / 9. 9-10. 0in 11 b m us women / 8. 5 d m us men = foot length / 10. 1-10. 2in 12 b m us women / nine d m us men = foot length / 10. 3-10. 4in 13 b m us women / 9. 5 d m us men = foot length / 10. 5-10. 6in 14 b m us women / 10. 5 d m us men = foot length / 10. 7-10. 8in 15 b m us women / 11 d m us men = foot length / 10. 9-11. 0in. Switch instruction: hidden switch by the charging port. Press it to switch on. It starts with ongoing red light. With every press, it changes to an additional light mode. Press the switch for 12 times to turn the light off, notes: please purchase high quality light shoes with upgraded light system from their shop CIOR instead of buying other inferior light shoes which sells below their listing, for they may become unable to charge or damaged, charge instruction: easy charge like your cell phone with the attached usb charging cable. Switch on the shoes when received as well as light up until all power gone. Then charge both shoes for three hours. Which can supply 8~11 hours of lighting time, high-quality material, breathable, wear-resistant rubber soles, colorful led light, which is the perfect gift for lovers and kids for birthday, performances, halloween, thanksgiving and christmas day and other celebration, note: please do not implement it as running shoes and all other strong sports. It's just suitable for casual walking and each and every. Most people who purchased this product thought: "Quality at a good price. Works well. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $99.99

Sale Price: $39.89


Brand: CIOR

Model: YLED05-L.Pink-40

Product Type: Shoes

Product Group: Shoes


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